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GenderSTE: Gender, science, technology and environment Targeted European Network of Experts COST Action TN1201Q: European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Apr 24, 2014

In the context of the Greek Presidency of the E.U. Council, the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) will host on the 20th of May the meeting of GenderSTE: Gender, Science, Technology and the Environment COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology (Action TA 1201) in Heraklion. COST is a targeted intergovernmental network of experts and representatives of policy making institutions that promotes the coordination of nationally funded research and the formation of innovative policies at the European level. The network aims at the enhancement of European research and innovation through novel research ideas and innovative technologies as well as the making of common policy initiatives in the specifically targeted areas (

The aim of the GenderSTE action ( is to enhance the implementation of gender-focused policies in the institutions of science and technology and the integration of the sex and gender dimension in the content of scientific and technological research. For this purpose, this network includes scientists from different disciplines and representatives of relevant member-states institutions. GenderSTE promotes networking for the development of knowledge on the gendered dimensions of scientific and technological development and innovation, with particular attention to the challenges of Horizon 2020 and the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) – Urban Europe.

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