Central Administration


The Central Administration (CA) operates at the Foundation's headquarters, located at Heraklion, Crete. It runs the day-to-day business of FORTH and is responsible for the following issues:

  • administration issues concerning the operation of FORTH and its Institutes
  • payment issues for all members of staff
  • supports the organs in preparing and implementing decisions reached by the Board of Directors of FORTH
  • planning and execution supervision of the Foundation budget
  • handling all materials and supplies necessary for the operation of FORTH and collection of any proceeds
  • issues of correspondence, protocol and general archive
  • building and construction services, as well as, running and maintaining buildings
  • legal advice on preparation of contracts, patents and licenses
  • producing informative leaflets and audiovisual material related to FORTH
  • takes care of functions related to the productive units of FORTH

The Central Administration is also coordinating and consulting the Administrative and Financial Services of the peripheral Institutes.

Structure of Central Administration in pdf file

Phone-book by division

Phone-book alphabetical

Technical Services


Central Administration
Nikolaou Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton
GR - 700 13 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Administrative and Financial Services
    Phone: +30 2810 391500-2, Fax: +30 2810 391555
    E-mail: central@admin.forth.gr
  • Technical Services
    Phone: +30 2810 391570 & 391571, Fax: +30 2810 391579
    E-mail: technical@admin.forth.gr
  • Legal Services
    Phone: +30 2810 391530 & 391537, Fax: +30 2810 391555
    E-mail: led@admin.forth.gr
  • Public Relations Office
    Phone: +30 2810 391540 & +30 2810 391973, Fax: +30 2810 391542
    E-mail: pr@admin.forth.gr