Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser

The Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) was established in 1983 and focuses its research on fundamental and applied issues related to materials science and technology and laser interactions with matter.

The research activities are centered on the following major areas:

  • Materials and Devices, including polymeric (soft matter), electronic, magnetic, photonic and functional materials as well as compound semiconductors, devices and MEMS.
  • Lasers and their applications, including experimental atomic and molecular physics, chemical dynamics, non-linear optics, materials micro and nano processing, fiber optics sensors and biomedical applications. New activities have recently been initiated on ultracold quantum gases and quantum optics.
  • Theoretical and computational Physics and Chemistry focused on atomic and molecular physics and chemistry, quantum optics, condensed matter physics, biomedicine and a focused activity on environmental studies.

There is a strong interplay in research activities within the above fields with emphasis on crossing the borders between physics, chemistry and biology. Training and education through research and the exploitation of technologically mature applications are equally important priorities.

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Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser
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