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From basic research to application: Development of an implantable biosensor for the constant measurement of glucose levels in diabetics

Nov 14, 2006

IMBB-FORTH takes part in a new research project of the European Union (budget: &euro 14 million) focused on the development of innovative solutions for diabetes management ( Diabetes is now evolving into an epidemic, affecting 120 million people about 1 million of whom are Greek.

Diabetes is a constant health threat. Implications include blindness, heart disease, stroke, neural damage, amputation and renal failure. An estimated 3.2 million people die from diabetes each year, which is comparable to the death toll of high cholesterol levels or smoking.

The daily measurement of blood sugar levels that now requires blood sampling is crucial for the management of the disease. The new research program aims at developing a less invasive and more effective method to measure blood sugar levels. More specifically, it aims at developing a new biosensor measuring the patient's blood sugar levels in real time and wirelessly sending the results to an external receptor (e.g. a cell phone). The receptor will be part of an information and communication system where measurements will be collected, stored and analyzed. A central monitoring unit will allow the doctor to monitor the patient's condition from a distance in order to adjust treatment if needed. In the long term the system is envisaged to be connected to an insuline micro-pump .

The project comprises fifteen industrial and research members from nine countries and is coordinated by Prof. Sheckman of Meir Hospital, Israel. An IMBB research group lead by Researcher and associate professor Tassos Economou takes part in the project. The IMBB team will use the fruits of the extended basic research it has conducted on the structure and function of proteins to help develop the miniscule sugar biosensor.

For more information please contact:
Mr Taso Economou, IMBB Investigator
Τel/Fax: 2810-391166

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