Institute of Petroleum Research


The Institute of Petroleum Research (IPR) was founded in January 2019 and is the newest Institute of FORTH. It focuses on basic and applied research related to the detection, extraction and enhanced oil recovery, as well as, oil recovery with simultaneous CO2 storage and exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits. All these activities have a significant economic and geopolitical imprint for the country.

Its main areas of activity will be:

  • Detection of hydrocarbon deposits (Petroleum Exploration).
  • Development and exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits (Drilling and Production engineering).
  • Studying and addressing of the concomitant environmental impacts (Environmental Engineering).

The Institute is based in Chania, on the premises of the Technical University of Crete, thus enabling the exploitation of the knowledge, experience and existing infrastructure, in alignment with the excellence and innovation environment at FORTH.

The creation of IPR will act as a catalyst for strengthening oil research in the country, developing synergies with all relevant structures in Universities and Research Institutions, and enhancing cooperation among FORTH Institutes. It will also promote the attraction of young scientists from Greece and abroad.

The Institute of Petroleum Research operates  under the aegis of "Hellenic Petroleum"

Hellenic Petroleum