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FORTH participates in a research program which aims to develop intelligent metasurfaces with programmable electromagnetic behavior, the HyperSurfaces.

Feb 13, 2019

The VISORSURF research project, coordinated by the Foundation for Research and Technology and funded by the EU, aims to produce a first-of-its kind material, the HyperSurface, which can sense electromagnetic waves impinging upon it and alter them in ways dictated by software.

At the 5th plenary meeting of the VisorSurf project which took place in Limassol, Cyprus, the VisorSurf partners presented successfully manufactured modules for forthcoming prototypes, for frequency-tunable operation at the Tera-Hz band, and intelligent HyperSurfaces with embedded smart control units. HyperSurfaces are new artificial materials that are commonly manufactured in the same way as electronic boards. Upon their surface they include a set of flat micro-antennas, as well as and smart embedded micro-controllers. The micro-controllers regulate the current flow among the antennas, generating any kind of overall electromagnetic behavior, such as reflection in abnormal directions, full absorption, or precise focusing of radiation.

In practice, these features are expected to allow new capabilities in wireless communications. Electromagnetic waves that do not fade, allowing wireless long-distance charging of devices and extremely high data transfer rates, smart walls with HyperSurface coatings that selectively and dynamically absorb radiation, allowing or blocking access to malicious sources, are some of the scenarios explored by the involved scientists.

In its first two years, the VISORSURF project outcomes have been published in top scientific conferences and journals, and has taken on international actions to introduce the new research area of the project to public.

The project VISORSURF is funded by the EU under the FETOPEN-RIA program of H2020 (GA EU no. 736876.), with a total budget of 5.7 million euros.                                

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