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Memorandum of Understanding between FORTH and JITRI Research Institute of China

Oct 02, 2019

A delegation from Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI Nanjing-China), headed by the Vice-President of the Institute for Transatlantic Cooperation Paul Burrows, paid a two-day visit to FORTH, on September 26th and 27th, in order to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. JITRI is one of China's leading industrial technology research centers which comprises 39 specialty research institutes.

Meetings were held with the Directors of FORTH Institutes and with researchers, followed by a tour of the laboratories of the Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser, the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology.

The Memorandum of Understanding foresees bilateral cooperation aimed at strengthening the ties between the two countries in matters of high technology and industrial research. Specifically, it intends to explore opportunities for collaboration in applied and industrial research, in joint research projects indicatively in the fields of informatics, applied and computational mathematics, biomedicine, molecular biology and biotechnology, energy, materials, lasers, chemical engineering etc.