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Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
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  Title Web Portal Development Platform >> See brochure
  Laboratory Human-Computer Interaction
  Contact person Nikos Partarakis
Research and Development Engineer
  Description The FORTH-ICS portal development platform is the outcome of an evolutionally process followed the past five years by the Human Computer Interaction Lab (HCI) aiming to provide the means for the development of inclusive Web-based interfaces that are capable to adapt to multiple and significantly different user profiles (using the Unified Web Interfaces (UWIs) method that builds on well-established Design for All principles and on the Unified User Interfaces methodology). Therefore the aforementioned platform can address the needs of the widest possible end user population, such as non-expert IT users, the very young and the elderly, people with disability, users on the move.

Web Applications developed by means of this platform provide:
  • Conformance to W3C-WAI accessibility guidelines
  • Adaptations based on profile information:
    • user specific parameters
      • Language
      • Disability (e.g. Blind, Low vision, Colour Blind)
      • Web familiarity
    • context specific parameters
      • Device (e.g. PDA, Tablet PC)
      • Display resolution (e.g.1024x768, 320x240 mobile)
      • Assistive technology (e.g.screen reader, screen magnifier)
      • Input device (e.g. switches, game pad)
  • Adaptations to:
    • the interaction modalities, metaphors and user interface elements
      • navigation alternatives
      • tab - fieldset - button - link presentation
      • search variations
      • etc
    • user preferences
      • file and image displaying - uploading
      • paging styles
      • function styles
      • skins
      • etc
    • user accessibility requirements
      • template - table linearization
      • font size and family
      • text entry method
      • charts presentation
      • colour settings
      • etc