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Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
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  Title Mobile location-aware museum guide >> See brochure
  Laboratory Human Computer Interaction
  Contact person Antonis Savidis
Associate Professor of Computer Science

The Human Computer Interaction Laboratory of FORTH-ICS developed an integrated platform for deploying mobile location-aware information systems, such as hand-held museum guides. The platform comprises a set of management and authoring tools and supports the creation of large-scale systems with very crowded use sessions, at the scale of hundreds of simultaneous visitors.

The mobile guiding system can be used in both indoor (e.g., museums) and outdoor environments (e.g., archaeological sites) as well as in environments that comprise both indoor and outdoor spaces. In order to achieve the maximum possible accuracy in a flexible and efficient way it combines multiple location-sensing technologies, including WLAN, GPS, and infrared beacons. The delivered information can be provided in any number of alternative languages. Custom visit scenarios are supported. Beyond multimedia information, users can also access a map where their current position is depicted along with information about surrounding exhibits and points of interest.

Several authoring and management tools are provided supporting:
  • Management of the electronic guides' renting process
  • Monitoring of the visitors in the exhibition space
  • Management and synchronization of the multi media content
  • Statistical analysis