15 - 16 October 2019, ICE-HT, Patras
  1. E1 Structure and Self-Assembly of Biomolecules through Molecular Simulations
    Anastassia N. Rissanou, Maria Arnittali, Andriani Keliri and Vagelis Harmandaris
    Presenting author: Maria Arnittali, Corresponding author: Anastassia N. Rissanou
  2. E2 Computational Modeling of Polymer Materials
    Petra Bacova, Eirini Gkolfi and Vagelis Harmandaris
    Presenting author / Corresponding author: Petra Bakova
  3. E3 Environmental heterogeneity surrogates in systematic conservation planning
    Aggeliki Doxa
    Presenting author / Corresponding author: Aggeliki Doxa
  4. E4 Malliavin calculus for the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard/Allen-Cahn equation with unbounded noise diffusion
    Dimitra Antonopoulou, Dimitris Farazakis and Georgia Karali
    Presenting author / Corresponding author: Dimitris Farazakis
  5. E5 Fractal dimension of European Cities: A comparison of the spatial distribution of artificially sealed areas between the urban core and the periurban ring
    Apostolos Lagarias and Poulicos Prastacos
    Presenting author / Corresponding author: Apostolos Lagarias
  6. E6 Visualization of underground utility networks using augmented reality
    Athanasios Loupas and Poulicos Prastacos
    Presenting author / Corresponding author: Athanasios Loupas
  7. E7 Similarity measurements of seismic and acoustic signals using Hidden Markov Models
    Costas Smaragdakis and Michael Taroudakis
    Presenting author / Corresponding author: Costas Smaragdakis
  8. E8 Sharp improved weighted Hardy-Kato inequalities for anisotropic elliptic problems
    Konstantinos Tzirakis
    Presenting author / Corresponding author: Konstantinos Tzirakis
  9. E9 Inference of Stochastic Dynamical Systems from Population Data using the Fokker-Planck equation
    A. Tsourtis, Y. Pantazis and I. Tsamardinos
    Presenting author: Y. Pantazis, Corresponding author: A. Tsourtis