Τεχνολογίες του ΙΤΕ, διαθέσιμες για συμφωνία μεταφοράς τεχνολογίας


Institute of Chemical Engineering & High Temperature Chemical Processes (ICE-HT)
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  Title: Medical sensors for patients tele-monitoring applications
  Group: Wire Communications Laboratory, ICE-HT
  Researcher: prof. E. Dermatas
  Title: Design and construction of a bridge using polymeric composite materials
  Group: Mechanics of materials lab, ICE-HT
  Researcher: prof. Dr. C. Galiotis
  Title: Methodology for the production of transparent thermal and sound insulation tiles
  Group: Reaction Engineering & Catalysis sector, ICE-HT
  Researcher: Dr. Th. Ioannides
  Title: Non-Invasive early diagnosis of an on-coming brain swelling and/or oedema
  Group: Applied Mechanics laboratory, ICE-HT
  Researcher: prof. V. Kostopoulos
  Title: Specialised Software & Support Services: Key solutions for porous media simulation, design and optimisation at research and industrial level
  Group: Transport phenomena & Porous media group, ICE-HT
  Researcher: prof. A. Payatakes
  Title: Specialised Software & Support Services: Highly accurate static, harmonic and time domain numerical solutions for two- and three-dimensional acoustic, electromagnetic and elastic problems.
  Group: Applied Mechanics laboratory, ICE-HT
  Researcher: prof. D. Polyzos

Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser (IESL)
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  Title: An ultra portable instrument for the elemental analysis of solid surfaces.
  Group: Laser & Applications Division, IESL
  Researcher: Dr. Demetrios Anglos
  Title: Solid-state transparent materials and devices for transparent opto-electronic applications
  Group: Microelectronics Research Group, IESL
  Researcher: Dr. Elias Aperathitis
  Title: RF diodes, switches and modulators based on 4H-SiC material.
  Group: Microelectronics Research Group, IESL
  Researcher: Dr. Konstantinos Zekentes

Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (IMBB)
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  Title: Novel acoustic biosensor geometry for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes and/or screening of drugs with membrane activity
  Group: Biosensors laboratory, IMBB
  Researcher: Dr. Electra Gizeli
  Title: Development and exploitation of novel animal models for human neurodegenerative diseases and ageing
  Group: Nematode Molecular Genetics, IMBB
  Researcher: Dr. Nektarios Tavernarakis

Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
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  Title: Ambient Intelligence Programme
  Title: Color-based Tracking of Human Body Parts
  Laboratory: Computational Vision and Robotics
  Title: DIATHESIS - An Information System for documentation, management and promotion of historical digital documents
  Laboratory: Information Systems
  Title: Integrated Care Solutions
  Laboratory: Biomedical Informatics
  Title: Mobile location-aware museum guide
  Laboratory: Human-Computer Interaction
  Title: Mobile Peer-to-Peer Computing: Multimedia Photo-Journal, Collaborative Location Sensing (CLS)
  Laboratory: Telecommunications and Networks
  Title: Multi-radio MESH Node
  Laboratory: Telecommunications and Networks
  Title: NEREIS: Bio-inspired Pedundulatory Robotic Locomotion
  Laboratory: Computational Vision ans Robotics
  Title: SBA: Generic sparse bundle adjustment
  Laboratory: Computational Vision ans Robotics
  Title: SIS - TMS: Thesaurus Management System - A system for developing multilingual thesauri
  Laboratory: Information Systems
  Title: Starlight: A Platform for creating and accessing dual educational electronic textbooks
  Laboratory: Human-Computer Interaction
  Title: SYNTHESIS: An Information System for administration, documentation and promotion of cultural instances
  Laboratory: Information Systems
  Title: UA - Games: Universally Accessible Games
  Laboratory: Human-Computer Interaction
  Title: Virtualization technology for data storage systems
  Laboratory: Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems
  Title: Web Portal Development Platform
  Laboratory: Human Computer Interaction