Scientific Committee

E. N. Economou Professor of Physics-University of Crete
J. Hoffmann Professor of Biology-Université de Strasbourg
Y. IliopoulosProfessor of Physics-Ecole Normale, Paris
W. KetterleProfessor of Physics-Massachusetts Institute of Technology s
E. Moudrianakis   Professor of Biology and Biophysics-Johns Hopkins University
D. NanopoulosProfessor of Physics-Texas A&M University
V. NtziachristosDirector, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser FORTH - Professor of Medicine and Electrical Engineering - Technical University of Munich
N. TavernarakisProfessor of Molecular Systems Biology, University of Crete - Chairman of the Board, FORTH
D. TsichritzisProfessor of Computer Science-University of Geneva
E. WittenProfessor of Physics-Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton