Information System Fair Usage Policy

Terms of Use

Information System Fair Usage Policy

The Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) provides infrastructure for information and telecommunication services to support the research and administrative activities of the Foundation. Providing this infrastructure imposes the responsible, ethical and legal use thereof by the Foundation community members.

Every user of the information systems of the Foundation for Technology and Research shall contribute to the security of the information and the computer infrastructure of the Foundation by observing the rules of conduct and fair usage of technology as described below.

The term “fair usage” includes the concept of respect for the rights of other users, respect for the smooth operation of FORTH networks and services as well as respect for the contractual obligations of the Foundation. FORTH infrastructure users are also responsible for complying with National and Community laws and regulations.

FORTH infrastructure includes all proprietary hardware and software, the information stored therein, as well as the use of wired and wireless network. The Fair Usage Policy applies to all employees and associates (under any form of contract/cooperation) who use FORTH infrastructure, either using equipment provided by the Foundation or using privately owned equipment.

FORTH provides access and use services to personal and laptop computers, servers and central storage systems, software, databases, telephone services and the internet.

These services are provided without specific restrictions and with a high degree of protection against malware and unauthorised access. Accordingly, the users of these services shall apply FORTH regulations and display sound judgement in the use of the technological and information infrastructure of the Foundation. Just because something is technically feasible does not mean that it is fair.

Every FORTH employee or associate is expected to use the electronic services in a way that will preserve FORTH's good name and prestige.

Rules of Conduct and Fair Usage

As users of FORTH infrastructure:

You can use systems for which you have the appropriate authorisation or that are provided as free services (e.g. public access to the wireless network).

Be sure to manage and maintain the confidentiality of your computer IDs and passwords, as well as your digital identity and authentication devices. The username and password should be known only to the user and should not be shared with other people.

You may not grant the use of the equipment to unauthorised persons.

If you find any security vulnerabilities or other problems with FORTH equipment, systems, services and applications, you should notify those responsible for technical support.

It is not allowed to disrupt the smooth operation of FORTH networks and services or execute any malware that may endanger or degrade the level of quality of services and security of FORTH information systems.

In cases where you use the computer or network infrastructure of FORTH for the implementation of experiments or measurements, you should inform and cooperate with those in charge of technical support.

Keep confidential matters that are classified as such by the provisions in force or when required by experience and common sense, for facts or information of which you become aware or process in the performance of your duties. Special care and sensitivity is needed when the information concerns personal data.

Take care that printed or electronic media with service data are protected.

Do not distribute messages or files with illegal or obscene content or with malware, pornography, gambling and other illegal, offensive or inappropriate use.

Do not access or post inappropriate information or content that may be considered offensive, abusive, derogatory or annoying to others.

It is not allowed to copy and use physical and electronic files that are the property of FORTH for personal purposes.

In the event of remote access to the FORTH network, you must ensure that the equipment you are using meets certain basic security requirements (e.g. install anti-virus and antimalware software).

The use of FORTH infrastructure for personal financial benefit is not allowed.

The use of FORTH infrastructure for political activities is not allowed.

Only use legal software and generally respect copyright and intellectual property. Downloading, reproducing or redistributing copyrighted material, such as music, films, images or software, may violate laws or regulations in many countries and result in disciplinary or criminal penalties.

Do not send unsolicited e-mails or junk mail or other advertising or promotional content (spam) to other users. Do not transfer confidential or secret information and personal data of citizens via e-mail or the Internet without taking measures that make the transmission of information secure (e.g. encryption).

Access to information

FORTH, in general, does not restrict access to information and websites, nor does it monitor the traffic of information on its network. However, it reserves the right to take such measures, if necessary, in order to address problems in the operation of its systems and network or to investigate the possibility of violation of the above rules.

FORTH will also cooperate and provide any and all available information that will be legally requested by police or judicial authorities, including information circulated by professional e-mail.

Termination of membership/employment relationship with FORTH

Upon termination of membership/employment, FORTH members or employees shall return any equipment (such as computers, mobile phones, etc.) provided to them by FORTH and owned by the latter (after having deleted any file with personal content from the equipment, under their own responsibility).

Upon termination of membership/employment, members or employees of FORTH who use personal equipment (computers, mobile phones, etc.) for business purposes in the performance of their duties or the performance of work/projects assigned to them, shall delete from their personal equipment any content related to FORTH (e.g. professional email) the maintenance of which would jeopardise the mission/work and interests of FORTH or third parties associated with it, subject to the keeping of records for the recognition, exercise or defence of a right before a court, administrative (or disciplinary) body.

Implementation of the Fair Usage Policy

The Board of Directors of FORTH decides on the implementation of the Fair Usage Policy and the administrative sanctions in case of its violation.