One (1) Master student in the framework of Public Investments Programs “ΠΔΕ00763”

Job Board

One (1) Master student in the framework of Public Investments Programs “ΠΔΕ00763”

Position Description

Collective radiation properties of atomic ensembles.

The candidate is expected to do research in quantum optics and quantum information, studying quantum memories with interacting atomic ensembles and quantum state transfer from atoms to photons and vice versa.

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Required Qualifications

  • Graduate degree in Physics, Optics, Electrical engineering or similar
  • Excellent knowledge of English 

Desirable Qualifications

  • Good knowledge of quantum theory and fundamentals of quantum information 
  • Research experience in relevant disciplines
  • Knowledge of, and experience with, scientific programming

Application Procedure

Interested candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements are kindly asked to submit their applications to the address (, with cc to Dr David Petrosyan (

In order to be considered, the application must include:

  • Application Form (Form Greek or Form English to the left)
  • Brief CV
  • Scanned copies of academic titles
  • University department certificate for enrollment in a master’s program

Appointment Duration

6 months
Announcement Date: 18.01.2022
Closing Date: 02.02.2022
Institute: Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser