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'Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes' Distinguished Lectures

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'Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes' Distinguished Lectures

"Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes" Distinguished Lectures are organized every year by the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH/ICE-HT), in Patras, to honor the memory of Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes (1945-2009), Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Director of FORTH/ICE-HT (1999-2006), and Chairman of the BoD of FORTH from 2006 until his premature loss, on the 29th November 2009.

Keynote speakers of the "Alkiviades Ch. Payatakes" Distinguished Lecture series are internationally recognized scientists.

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