'Basilis Xanthopoulos' International Award

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'Basilis Xanthopoulos' International Award

"Basilis Xanthopoulos" International Award for research on Gravitational Physics was given every three years (during the General Relativity and Cosmology Society Conference) by FORTH, starting in 1991, in memory of the late Professor Basilis Xanthopoulos. The Department of Physics of the University of Crete (UoC) was actively involved in the scientific coordination of the "Basilis Xanthopoulos" Award.

Candidates should be under 40 years old, outstanding young researchers in the aforementioned field. Candidates for the "Basilis Xanthopoulos" Award were considered by nomination only. The nominations should be accompanied by the Curriculum Vitae of the candidate. There was no application form; only the letter of the nominee, in which the reasons of the nomination were stated.

The amount of the prize was about $10,000.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The awarding of "Basilis XANTHOPOULOS" International Award for Research on Gravitational Physics was discontinued in 2011, until further notice.