Gender Equality Committee


Gender Equality Committee

The responsibilities of the Gender Equality Committee are the preparation and activation of the Gender Action Plan (GAP) as well as the drafting and monitoring of the Road Map for GAP issues.

The composition of the Committee, as from 22.02.2021, is as follows:

Institute Members Substitutes

Inst.of Applied & Computational Mathematics

Ioannis Pantazis

Zina Mitraka

Inst. of Electronic Structure & Laser

Kiriaki Chrissopoulou

Stavros Pissadakis

Inst. for Mediterranean Studies

Constantina Georgiadi

Nikos Potamianos

Inst. of Astrophysics

John Antoniadis

Vasiliki Pavlidou

Inst. of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Athanasia Papoutsi

Anastasios Pavlopoulos

Inst. of Computer Science

Irini Fundulaki

Magda Chatzaki

Inst. of Chemical Engineering Sciences

Maria Klapa

Theofilos Ioannides

Inst. of Petroleum Research

Spyros Bellas

Emmanuel Stamatakis

Central Administration

Georgina Kaklamani

Kallia Tzika

Contact details:

Maria Klapa, President of EIF FORTH,, + 30-2610-965249

Georgina Kaklamani, Vice President of EIF FORTH,, + 30-2810 -391355

Link to GEC new website:

Gender Action Plan Foundation For Research and Technology

Former Members