Workplace Health And Safety Committee

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Workplace Health and Safety Committee


The Employees Health and Safety Committee for the FORTH premises in Heraklion was established in 2020 in accordance with the Law 3850/2010, undertaking an advisory role, in order to promote health and safety in the workplace, in collaboration with FORTH’s BoD.

The Committee has been established by the Researchers and Employees Associations of FORTH and it is constituted of representatives from all the FORTH’s Research Institutes located in Heraklion as well as the Central Administration:

On behalf of the Researchers Association

  1. APERATHITIS Elias (Mr), IESL, tel: (281039) 4123.

On behalf of the Employees Association

  1. CHATZIGIANNAKIS Konstantinos (Mr), IESL,, tel: (281039) 1120 (Coordinator)
  2. VLATA Zacharenia (Ms), IMBB,, tel: (281039) 1821
  3. CHATZAKI Magdalini (Ms), ICS,, tel: (281039) 1458 (Secretary)
  4. PIPERAKIS George (Mr), IACM,, tel: (281039) 1781
  5. TZIKA Kallia (Ms), CA,, tel: (281039) 1523

In near future, independent Employees Health and Safety Committees will be appointed, in accordance with the law, in every city where FORTH’s branches are based.