Three (3) master student positions in the project Nanolace

Job Board

Three (3) master student positions in the project Nanolace

Position Description

Master 1

Cold atom technologies for Space. The successful candidate will work on space-based cold atom technologies. Most notably, he/she will be working on a space-based laser spectroscopy.


Master 2 & 3

The successful applicants will work on building a laser system and optical cavity for the imaging of low atom numbers at high optical resolution. This system will be used for diagnostics of matterwave optics.

Related Project

NANOLACE - Mask Based Lithography for Fast, Large Scale Pattern Generation with Nanometer Resolution

Required Qualifications

Master 1

Demonstrated Experience in design of space-based structures 


Master 2 & 3

  • Undergraduate degree in physics, with grade above 9/10
  • Enrollment in a M.S. program in physics
  • Research experience in laser spectroscopy, with CW and pulsed lasers, and optical cavities
  • Experience in computing, with Mathematica and Labview
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language

Desirable Qualifications

Master 1

Experience in space Mission and Operations analysis and/or engineering 

Application Procedure

Interested candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements are kindly asked to submit their applications with cc to the Scientific Coordinator Dr Wolf von Klitzing (

In order to be considered, the application must include:

  • Application Form (Form Greek or Form English to the left)
  • Brief CV
  • Scanned copies of academic titles
  • Certificate for enrolment in a master’s or PhD programm

Appointment Duration

6 - 12 months


Announcement Date: 04.11.2021
Closing Date: 19.11.2021
Institute: Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser