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NeuronAge research earns Tavernarakis an ERC Advanced Investigator Grant
Cells, ERC, Funding, Neurons

Nektarios Tavernarakis, a researcher at the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), has recently been awarded the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Investigator Grant for his research proposal titled "Molecular Basis of Neuronal Ageing - NeuronAge."

How proteins find their destination
Cells, Proteins

The Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of FORTH participates in the effort to understand a fundamental biological problem: How do cells regulate trafficking of their proteins? Some of the research results are presented in a recent publication in Cell, one of the most authoritative international scientific journals. They stem from intercontinental cooperation between the research teams of Ch. Kalodimou, Assistant Professor at Rutgers University and that of T. Economou, IMBB researcher and Associate Professor at the Biology Department of the University of Crete.

IMBB researchers reveal a novel mechanism modulating ageing.

Research at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, published today in the international scientific journal Nature, revealed a novel molecular mechanism that modulates the process of ageing.

From basic research to application: Development of an implantable biosensor for the constant measurement of glucose levels in diabetics

IMBB-FORTH takes part in a new research project of the European Union (budget: €14 million) focused on the development of innovative solutions for diabetes management. Diabetes is now evolving into an epidemic, affecting 120 million people about 1 million of whom are Greek.

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