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The Cream of the Crop of the International Community of Polymer Science in Crete

The most important Polymer Scientists from Academic and Research Institutions from all over the world will be gathering at the Creta Maris Convention Center & Beach Resort in Hersonissos from Sunday the 9th to Friday the 14th of June 2019. This is the location of the European Polymer Congress 2019 (EPF 2019,, which is the main bi-annual Conference of the European Polymer Federation, EPF ( The Conference is organized by the Hellenic Polymer Society, the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) of the Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas (FORTH) and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Crete and is chaired by Prof. Spiros H. Anastasiadis, Professor of the University of Crete and Director of the IESL, who is the elected President of EPF for the years 2018-2019.

The European Polymer Congress,)which is the most important multithematic European Conference in the area of Polymer Science and Technology, will be attended by approximately 1,000 scientists from all over Europe, as well as from the USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, China, South Africa and Brazil. The programme includes plenary and keynote lectures by prominent polymer Scientists, oral presentations by experienced and younger scientists, as well as poster presentations by students, PhD candidates and post-doctoral students.

The International Award of the European Polymer Federation (EPF Prize), which was only recently established in 2018 at the EPF Council meeting in Heraklion, will be awarded during the Conference. The EPF Prize will be awarded to Professor Ludwik Leibler, former Director of the École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris (ESPCI), for his pioneering theoretical studies on the structure of block copolymers and the discovery of new materials based on dynamic bonds such as self-healing rubbers, vitrimers and tissue glues.

It should be noted that EPF, an umbrella non-profit organization of 24 National Polymer Research Unions in Europe, aims at coordinating and stimulating the activities of the European Countries in the science, technology and applications of synthetic and natural macromolecules, encouraging European cooperation and networking in polymer science and engineering and promoting and advancing the potential of young European scientists in Polymer Science.Prof. Anastasiadis said he is particularly proud for the organization of this Congress, which makes Crete the place that brings together the leading Polymer Scientists worldwide. He said that, during the conference, all the latest scientific advances in the field of Polymer Science and Technology will be presented with numerous applications that affect both high technology and everyday life. The Conference will, therefore, provide a unique opportunity for young scientists of our country to be informed of all the new developments, whereas it will give them the opportunity to highlight the excellent research work done in Greece in the field. He finally concluded that the presence of so many distinguished scientists, who accepted our invitation to come to Heraklion, confirms the dominant position of the research at IESL-FORTH and the University of Crete in the field of Polymer Science at a European and international level, which has already led to significant international distinctions.

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