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Call for admission for the Master of Science (MSc) programme for the academic year 2021-2022.

The Medical School, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Materials Science and Technology of the University of Crete, the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete, and the Foundation for Research and Technology -Hellas (FORTH) are jointly organize the Postgraduate Program in "Biomedical Engineering" in the framework of the Law 4485/2017 (Government Gazette 1122B '/2-4-2020), which leads to a MSc Diploma in "Biomedical Engineering".

The objective and the purpose of MSc program in "Biomedical Engineering" is to provide high level education and specialization, so that its graduates acquire the required qualifications to meet the ever-increasing demand for high level specialization in the field. Graduates of MSc program in "Biomedical Engineering" (BME) will be able to follow academic careers towards pursuing a PhD degree, to work in research centers or in hospitals and medical centers.

The mission of the BME programme is summarized as follows:

• To offer of a high-level postgraduate education to graduates of academic institutions with the aim of understanding and deepening in the basic principles and methods in Bio-Medical Engineering,

• To enhance research in this field though the staffing research institutions with the programme’s graduates,

• To educate future leaders of the biomedical engineering industry,

• To enhance the innovation capacity in the subjects of BME both at the level of large companies and at the level of start-ups,

• To develop long-term international cooperation at both the scientific and the business level,

• To improve the health care services through staffing of Medical Centers with the programme’s graduates,

The minimum duration of studies for is 15 months. For students who are selected, upon their request, to carry out research dissertation, the minimum duration of study extends to the two academic years. Both the teaching and the writing of the master's thesis is in English.

Eligible candidates should hold a degree in:

• Sciences,

• Engineering and

• Health Sciences

The undergraduate study curricula of eligible candidates shall be sufficiently compatible with the curriculum of BME in the sense that prior studies have offered a solid background, ensuring successful educational outcomes.

Candidates not yet graduated during the admissions period are also eligible applicants, provided that they reasonably expect to have their first degree awarded until the end of October. The number of entrants is set at a maximum of forty (40) students per year. The program will accept students from both the European Economic Area (EEA) and the non-EEA countries. Lectures, labs and workshops requires attendance with physical presence at the location of the Institutions that co-organize the program, subject to possible emergencies to which the program will be adapted, based on relevant decisions by the State.

Tuition fees

There are two tuition fee categories

  • For students coming from countries members of the European Economic Area (EEA), the programme’s (total) tuition fees are 1500(Euro)
  • For students coming from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the programme’s (total) tuition fees are 3000(Euro)

In both cases the tuition fees may be payable in two tranches. The programme offers tuition fee-waiver fellowships subject to achieving excellent marks in the entry evaluation criteria (see below)

Entry requirements and criteria

  1. A bachelor’s or an integrated Master’s degree in engineering or in natural or in life sciences or a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from an internationally recognized university.
  2. Achieve a high score in the following criteria
    • Undergraduate degree grade: Max points 30
    • Time to graduation (10-2v), where v is the extended time to graduation: Max points 10
    • Interview: Max points 20
    • Related to the Biomedical Engineering program diploma thesis or 360 ECTS: Max points 15
    • Research activity e.g. publications and/or participation to funded research projects: Max points 15
    • Recommendation letters: Max points 10

Application Procedure

All applications shall be submitted electronically via the website in which the applicants must create a user account, process their application, upload their supporting documents and submit before the deadline.

Applicants are invited to first create a user account at: https://postgrad.cict.uoc.grand then to upload the following certificates or files:

  1. A three-page curriculum vitae
  2. Motivation letter or Statement of Purpose that should at least include
    • What interests you about our programme's content, and what makes it the best study option for you.
    • What particular factor convinced you to pick that programme (reputation, professors, employment options, etc.)
    • How your previous studies match the Master's you want to pursue. If they don't match you should argue why you want to change subject areas.
    • What career you are aiming for after graduation and how this degree fits your plan.
  3. Certified (Greek or English) copies of your academic transcripts with details about the courses you studied at undergraduate level and the marks you received (all marks need to be normalized to the scale 0-10)
  4. Certified copies of any additional academic degree links to freely accessible material of any published research work, prizes, scholarships, participation to research projects etc. that were mentioned in you CV;
  5. Proof of at least B2 level English language proficiency certificate; and
  6. A scanned copy of your personal ID or Passport.
  7. Two recommendation letters. The recommendation letters shall be sent exclusively by their authors through the programme’s official application form. The indicated authors of the recommendation letters will automatically receive a relevant invitation after successfully submitting the application. What it shall be clearly stated in the form is:

a) the e-mail address of the institution to which the author belongs / works

b) the status and complete contact details of the author

the recommendation letters shall be sent:

  • before the deadline for the submission of applications;
  • from an institutional address that testifies the referee's affiliationand shallinclude the complete contact details of the author

Submission dead-line:The deadline for submitting the application and the supporting documents is July 2, 2021. By decision of the management committee of the program, there may be one more round of applications if it is found that the number of eligible applicants is not sufficient in relation to the programme’s training capacity.


Secretary of BME, Mrs. Maria Panagou (, tel. +302810 394526.