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FORTH became a member of the Global Talent Mentoring Hub

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Foundation for Research and Technology –Hellas and Regensburg University (Germany), in the framework of the Global Talent Mentoring Hub (GTMH) initiative. GTMH is an excellence‐focused online mentoring platform in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine).

GTMH will provide long-term, research‐based, online mentoring for a highly selective group of outstanding, exceptionally motivated STEMM young talents from around the world, free of charge. Participating youth will be restricted to the strongest applicants who are in upper‐secondary education at the start of mentoring, possess a good command of English (for non-native speakers), show evidence of profound STEMM knowledgeand/or one or more outstanding extracurricular accomplishments (e.g. verifiably individual achievement in a prestigious competition), and demonstrateexceptional motivation and intrinsic interest in developing their skills in a relative domain towardshighest levels of achievement. Mentoring will start in late 2020, in upper‐secondary education and continue through the completion of advanced university studies (e.g., a PhD) or other expert achievements (e.g., a patent filing, a successful product or method). Mentees will develop their advanced talents over an extended period of time, through one‐on‐one mentoring by the world’s leading STEMM experts and a suitable talent‐development infrastructure with individualized learning pathways, created and supervised by mentors and coaches. Additionally, they will build a network within a global community of talents and scientists, through working on individual and interdisciplinary projects.

The mentors will be world‐class scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians, medical researchers, and others who are doing outstanding advanced STEMM work in the public or privatesector. Suitable mentors will show evidence of professional expert achievement and recognitionat an international level in a STEMM domain and commit to volunteering as mentors for GTMH, by investing about 30 minutes on a weekly basis, for an extended period of time.

The Global Talent Mentoring Hubwill offer various benefits for the mentors and their host institutions, as they will acquire membership in an international network of long‐term excellence cultivation in STEMM, and an avenue for making a broader impact on society by sharing advanced research through one‐on‐one mentoring to young individuals. Mentors will be trained in effective mentoring and will be certified as volunteers. They will also have an international networking opportunity for top STEMM scientists all over the world to engage with each other, and the possibility to collaborate on scientific research studies on mentoring effectiveness and ongoing provision of information about recent advances in STEMM talent development.

The Global Talent Mentoring Hubis currently being developed by a team of researchers at the University of Regensburg led by Prof. Heidrun Stoeger.It is fully funded by the UNESCO‐recognized Hamdan Bin Rashid Al‐Maktoum Foundation for Distinguished Academic Performance in Dubai (UAE) and is part of a larger undertaking of the Hamdan Foundation, the research‐based preparation of the World Giftedness Center.