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FORTH’s nominations for Global Talent Mentoring

FORTH has nominated 74 exceptional students from Greece and Cyprus as mentee candidates for the Global Talent Mentoring programme (

During the 1st phase of the Global Talent Mentoring programme, 159 students from Greece and Cyprus expressed their interest to participate as mentees. Initially, FORTH had estimated the nomination of 50 mentee candidates from both countries. However, due to the high quality of applications, FORTH ended up nominating 74 students, 42 boys and 32 girls. The reaction of Global Talent Mentoring shows the impact of the programme among Greek students. “We send a very enthusiastic “thank you” to the FORTH team for sending us so many truly amazing nominees! Our team was extremely impressed to see what some of the students are working on”.

In the 2nd phase of the project (mid-June 2020), all nominated students will be invited to apply directly to Global Talent Mentoring. Their applications, includes tests and questionnaires on their knowledge base as well as involvement in and motivation for STEMM education, will be assessed and prioritized so as to formulate the final list of selected participants.

During the final selection process, nine students from Greece and Cyprus will have the opportunity to become mentees, as long as there are enough mentor volunteers to support them. The programme requires five mentors for each mentee participation spot while the selection ratio for mentees is 1:8.

FORTH is encouraging mentor volunteers to join the programme.Mentors are leading experts in their respective STEMM field who have a proven track record of outstanding accomplishments. Practicing scientists, professors, researchers, and developers are just some examples of exceptional individuals who are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and passion for their respective STEMM fields with outstanding young talents. In addition to inspiring the next generation of STEMM leaders, mentors will have the opportunity to network with one another by being part of the Global Talent Mentoring community.

Those interested in volunteering as mentors can apply directly at

The deadline for mentor applications is 31 July 2020.

Homepage of the Global Talent Mentoring:

Platform website for Greece and Cyprus:

FORTH participates in the initiative with the Socio-Educational Research and Innovation Group of the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, under the supervision of Dr. Katerina Kikis-Papadakis, Research Director.

For more information please contact:
Yorgis Androulakis
Special technical scientist,
Socio-Educational Research & Innovation Group,
Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics,
Foundation for Research and Technology,
Tel. 2810 391836