A new spin off company, under the name “Code BGP”, was founded by FORTH researchers | News



A new spin off company, under the name “Code BGP”, was founded by FORTH researchers

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the backbone of the Internet. It is the routing protocol, known as the "glue" that holds the Internet together, which is extremely difficult to control and operate. Much like the post office processing mail, BGP picks the most efficient routes for delivering Internet traffic from network to network.

The founders of Code BGP are Xenofontas Dimitropoulos (Αssociate Professor at the University of Crete and Associate Faculty Member of the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH), and the members of his research team, Vassilios Kotronis and Lefteris Manassakis, with more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and researching innovations to improve BGP. They have been renowned researchers, open-source contributors and experienced practitioners on the topic. They are among the creators of Artemis, an open-source software that tracks BGP announcements and provides instant alerts for errors and hijacks, with zero false positives for the first time in the industry. It is no coincidence that this software is currently being used by some of the largest network operators in the world.

The three researchers recently founded Code BGP to take their efforts to the next level and build a modern stack for BGP operations, providing quality commercial solutions, with branches in the US and the EU. Code BGP’s offering extends from providing BGP monitoring data via flexible APIs, to mitigating hijacks and route leaks on the spot. The team is on a mission to make network operators successful, enabling them to perform highly-critical, value-adding tasks, while taking good care of their network.

"We have always enjoyed applied research, especially for Internet-related operations, which is a complex and interesting area, as well as, creating tools available as open source software for the community. However, coming from a research environment, there was a gap between creating such useful tools and providing the software quality and support needed in a productive environment. Having this in mind, and believing in the talent of our people, we decided to create the company “Code BGP”. Our mission is to provide innovative and reliable solutions to Internet providers, in order to contribute to their security, resilience and effectiveness." said the co-founders of the company.

Read more: https://codebgp.com/