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ICS-FORTH and the Region of Crete present “Creative Crete”

"Creative Crete" is a unique installation of pioneering interactive technologies located at Heraklion international airport "Nikos Kazantzakis", realized by the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH under the initiative of the Region of Crete.

The airport installation comprises four interactive systems which combine futuristic technology with art and media. "Media Gallery" is a large interactive sculpture which enables the visitor to explore a gallery of still images and short videos by remote hand gestures, while waiting at the luggage belt. "Olive Oil Press" incorporates a miniature stone mill through which it is possible to browse through a first glimpse of Cretan diet and culinary products. "Infocloud" offers more extensive information on a variety of subjects about Crete – history, nature, etc. Finally, "Be There Now!" is one of three different playful applications presented on an "interactive wall" installation, that shows the visitor standing before it within the landscapes and the vistas projected, as if they were at that place now.

Through these exhibits, incoming visitors have the opportunity to enjoy seamless and playful interaction not only with the history, nature and tradition of Crete, but also with its worldwide renowned scientific and technological achievements. The developed interactive systems are based on the pioneering research outcomes of the Ambient Intelligence Programme of ICS-FORTH. Ambient Intelligence constitutes an evolution of Information and Communication Technologies which responds to the current increasing demand for anytime anywhere availability of information and electronic services. In the application domain of culture, these technologies offer today a new experience when visiting exhibitions, museums and public spaces, by combining information and learning with fun, and have the potential to significantly contribute spreading information about Greek culture, art and history to the wider public.

"Creative Crete" is a long term project, which will be renewed in content and expanded in technologies every year. Additionally, similar systems will soon be installed in other important access points to the island of Crete, namely the airport of Chania and the landing ports of the cruise liners at the ports of Chania and Heraklion.

Already, the installation at Heraklion’s airport has generated an enthusiastic response from arriving travelers, who have taken and e-mailed to themselves and their friends and families thousands of photographs of themselves enjoying the installation.