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HELP-FORWARD: Best IRC Award for 2002

The highest distinction in the IRC network was awarded to IRC HELP-FORWARD on 21 November 2002 in Nuremberg, during the 7th annual meeting of the IRC Network. Following a vote between 250 technology transfer partner organisations from 31 countries, that comprise the 68 members of the IRCnet, HELP-FORWARD was selected by the majority of the European IRCs as the "Best IRC for 2002".

This ultimate honour is a result of the continuous effort to maintain professionalism and effectiveness in our operations. It raises even higher responsibilities towards our European partners, who honoured us with their vote, as well as even higher expectations by our Greek clients, who entrusted us with their technology and business portfolio.

We wish to thank our IRC colleagues for their appreciation and promise them that we will continue to pursue with the same persistance and enthusiasm the targets, the mission and the success of the IRC network. Their honourable recognition strengthens our motivation and helps us to continue offering our clients high quality technology brokerage services.

The 7th IRCnet annual meeting addressed the following topics:

  • Innovation and the IRC network into the EU's 6th FP for RTD.
  • Maintaining a quality IRC service,
  • Technology transfer networks outside the EU
  • Bringing effectiveness to the IRC service, and
  • Making the IRC network financially viable.

IRCnet is an extensive European technology transfer network, the largest of its kind in the world. Its success in stimulating transnational technology transfer - based on brand recognition, close links with enterprises, universities, technology centres and innovation agencies, and the effectiveness of the tools and procedures developed by the network - is unique. The IRC network was set up in 1995 with European Commission support to facilitate innovation in Europe.

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