30 Years FORTH, 1983 - 2013 | News



30 Years FORTH, 1983 - 2013

The Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) organized a series of public lectures in 2013 on topics of current interest in sciences and humanities to celebrate 30 years since its establishment.



17th October 2013:
"From Basic Research to Applied Science and Drug Development"

12th June 2013:
"Why Mars"
Lecture of Professor Thanassis Economou on Youtube

3rd June 2013:
"Human Organs on Chips and Programmable Nanotherapeutics"
Lecture of Professor Donald E. Ingber on Youtube

15th March 2013:
"The Voyager spacecraft after thirty-five years in space: The quest for exiting the heliosphere"
Lecture of Mr S. Krimigis on YouTube

25th February 2013:
"Αναζητώντας την πολιτική για τη Γνώση σε συνθήκες οικονομικής ανισορροπίας"
Lecture of Mr A. Mitsos on YouTube

18th December 2012:
"Αμφισημίες στη λατινοαμερικανική ιστοριογραφία της βίας: οι περιπτώσεις των δικτατοριών της Αργεντινής και της Χιλής"

28th November 2012:
"From Patmos to Moscow. Routes of Russian icons in the Greek Lands (16-19th century)"

21th November 2012:
"Η εφήμερη νίκη στη Ναύπακτο και η πολιτικο-καλλιτεχνική της διαχείριση"

13th November 2012:
"Evolutionary genetics using ancient DNA or how to avoid boring research"

1st October 2012:
"Darwin, Migration and the Restlessness of Life"

17th September 2012:
"The Design and Discovery of New Medications: Mixing Chemistry and Biology"

4th July 2012:
"Democracy of Weimer"