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Dynamic presence of FORTH at the 83rd International Fair of Thessaloniki

FORTH will have a dynamic presence with four of its Research Institutes to this year’s International Fair of Thessaloniki from 8 to 16 September 2018, under the supervision of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (pavillion No 14).

The Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology will demonstrate methodologies that can assist in the early detection of bacteria, viruses or genetic mutations. These techniques can be applied in the field of health and molecular diagnostics as well as in the detection of pathogens in food or plants directly on-field with the help of a smart phone. IMBB will present its projects in Micro / Nano-Biotechnology and will discuss the importance of interdisciplinary research and the prospect of commercial exploitation of innovative scientific and technological findings.

The Institute of Computer Science will demonstrate impressive, interactive exhibits. The Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory will demonstrate a series of methods and techniques based on computational vision that allow low-cost, non-invasive measurement of human 3D motion, as well as the semantic interpretation of human actions based on visual information used to calculate the movement of the trunk, head and hands. These methods play an important role in supporting a wide range of applications concerning almost all aspects of human life and activity.

Human –Computer Interaction Laboratorywillguide visitors to the mystery world of Phaistos Disc through the ²Smart Exhibit Showcase². Users can interact with the digital exhibit and focus on their area of interest to obtain more information (e.g. detailed description, images, videos, sound). ²Smart Exhibit Showcase²aims to transform the exploration of a static object to an interactive and fun experience through images, light, sound and movement.

Visitors will also be virtually ²guided²to FORTH Ambient Intelligence Building through ²AmISim: Interactive Virtual Reality Tour²which simulates interactive systems developed at ICS. Technology allows users to ²travel²to destinations of historical and tourist interest through applications that give life to highlighted landscapes and destinations of Crete and allows to take a digital snapshot that can be sent by email.

TheInstituteforMediterraneanStudieswillpresent its research activity in the area of Mediterranean history, culture and the relationship between technology and archaeology. More specifically, geo-information methods will be presented, such as geophysics, Satellite Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, 3-D illustrations and Archaeo-environment applied on archaeological research.

The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences exhibit concerns a systematic and integrated method of Precision Agriculture for the certification of the agricultural crops and products. The method is based on the systematic collection of leaves from the crop, the simultaneous measurement of small molecules (metabolomics) and the combinational analysis of the data using bioinformation (systemic biology), resulting in an efficient and effective diagnosis of deviations in plant metabolism due to stress and proposing alternatives before the production is totally affected.

An interactive informative lecture for the security of children on the internet will be provided by the Greek Safer Internet Center (SaferInternet4Kids) on Friday, September 14 at 16:00. Greek Safer Internet Center of FORTH, the official representative of the European Organizations INSAFE/ INHOPE will present the latest trends in safe surfing and will discuss practices to improve cyber-hygiene. Special emphasis will be given to GDPR and to limiting excess use and cyber risks such as cyberbullying, grooming etc