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Election of Director at the Institute of Petroleum Research of FORTH

Dr. Nikos Pasadakis Professor at the School of Mineral Resources Engineering of the Technical University of Crete, was elected Director of the Institute of Petroleum Research of FORTH on August 01, 2019. The election was made by a seven-member Evaluation Committee appointed by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs chaired by Dr. Aristomenis P. Karageorgis, Director of the Institute of Oceanography of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR).

His official appointment is expected in the next few weeks.

Short CV

Nikos Pasadakis

Professor, School of Mineral Resources Engineering, Technical University of Crete

Director of the Postgraduate MSc program “Petroleum Engineering”


Director of the Research Laboratory “Hydrocarbons Chemistry and Technology



1985 Chemical Engineer (MSc) in “Chemical Technology of oil and natural gas”, Technical University of Lvov, former USSR

1991 PhD in Physical Chemistry, School of Organic Chemical Technology, Technical University of Lvov, former USSR

Research interests

  • Instrumental analysis and characterization of fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gas, unconventional fuels, etc.)
  • Chemometric applications in petroleum analysis and tecnology. Modelling of the relationships between chemical composition and physicochemical properties of petroleum and its fractions. Analytica signal processing
  • Organic geochemistry studies in exploration, production and exploitation of fossil fuels
  • Identification and characterization of organic pollutants from the production and use of fossil fuels in the environment

Published works

Book “Petroleum Geochemistry”, Tziolas Publishing, 2015

55 papers in peer-reviewed international journals

70 papers in peer-reviewed international conferences

Teaching experience (undergraduate, postgraduate)

“Fossil Fuels”, “Organic Geochemistry”, “Petroleum Geochemistry”, “Unit operations”, “Data analysis”

Supervisor of 46 undergraduate and 25 postgraduate diploma projects