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Le Sommelier - An Innovation exclusively for the customers of Xalkiadakis Super Markets, in collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH.

The Information Systems Laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS), of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), has developed the original “Le Sommelier” wine recommendation system, in order to help users choose wines harmoniously combined with their meal, but also to get additional information about each available wine.

Given that the right combination of food and wine is not always easy for everyone, this system attempts to represent, as much as possible, the knowledge of an expert, in the form of strict and weak prioritized rules. In addition, an important feature is the utilization of user’s  personal preferences.  Of course, wine expertise is an art that professionals may need years to perfect, but the "Le Sommelier" system expects to capture a large set of general rules of thumb, the combined application of which is beyond the knowledge of most consumers.

Through the new cooperation of FORTH-ICS with Xalkiadakis S.A., the customers are given the opportunity to use and interact with the system "Le Sommelier", and  also to benefit from additional offers. Customers can find the special touch screen in the wine cellar of Supermarket Xalkiadakis MAX in Nea Alikarnassos (Mafsolou & Irodotou), while the application will soon be available through the website of the company www.xalkiadakis.gr.

«The Information Systems Laboratory is mainly active in the fields of knowledge representation and reasoning, database systems, net-centric information systems, and conceptual modeling. Overall, the Information Systems Laboratory aims to provide enabling technologies for the emergence of an information society and a knowledge economy. The cooperation with the company Xalkiadakis S.A. provides the opportunity to apply in practice the results of research work in the field of Artificial Intelligence.» said Professor Dimitris Plexousakis, Head of the Information Systems Laboratory and Director of the Institute of Computer Science of FORTH.

“Xalkiadakis S.A. supports over time a series of research activities aimed at promoting innovation and business practices in Crete. The cooperation with FORTH enables us to offer something innovative and pioneering to our customers, which will help them choose their wine, without having the necessary expert knowledge. At the same time, we are next to the wineries of our island, offering our customers a wide variety of local and recognized wines. As of now, with the help of «Le Sommelier», consumers cαn easily choose the wine that best suits their tastes while pairing nicely with their meal, choosing from more than 250 labels available.”mentioned in her statements Mrs. Christina Xalkiadaki.





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