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4th International Meeting: NanoWires2011: "NanoWires 2011- Structural, electronic and transport properties of quantum wires"

The 4th NanoWire meeting "Structural, electronic and transport properties of quantum wires", (NW2011), focusing on nanowire growth, physics and device applications, was successfully organised at the cultural centre of Plomarion Lesvos, with the co-operation of the Prefecture of Lesvos and the community district of Plomari, from June 13th-18th, 2011.

The inaugural keynote speech of the workshop was addressed by deputy mayor Stavros Politis and the chairman of the board Konstantinos Moutzouris.

The conference focused on the recent developments of the important field of Nanotechnology, that of nanowires and included:

* Salutations/opening and closing speech
* Four days of meetings with scientific announcements and discussions
* Conclusions

This year's organisation comes to follow the success and the response to the previous nanowire meetings (Lyon-France 2008, Lausanne-Switzerland 2009, and Heraklion-Greece 2010). A total of 55 presentations were presented (40 oral and 15 in posters).

The location of this year's conference - a small town of Lesvos island in the North-East Aegean Sea - as the meeting venue, is symbolic as it is held at the place of origin of the Greek physics scientist and philosopher Benjamin Lesvios (1759-1824) known for his physics model approach, named Pantachikiniton.

Alongside with the conference sessions, organised events and tours successfully took place aiming to highlight the natural and primitive culture of Plomari. In particular, ouzo, olive-oil and cheese tasting (kindly sponsored by the local producers and industries) took place. In addition, a buffet lunch of local traditional dishes was offered by the tavernas of Plomari. Attendees also had the opportunity to take a boat trip around the Plomari coastline, from Aghia Varvara to Krifti and explore the area and its natural hot springs.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place the following year in Berlin, Germany.

General Information/Photographs:
ΝW 2011 -- Nano Wires2011 - Structural, electronic and transport properties of quantum wires-
For further information and updates please check the official site: http://www.iesl.forth.gr/conferences/nw2011

Οrganisation Committee:
Dr. Antonis Andriotis (IESL/FORTH, Crete,Greece)
Dr. Maurizia Palummo (Universita di Roma, Tor Vergata, Italy)
Dr. Riccardo Rurali (ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain)

Meeting Sponsors:
Prefecture of Lesvos; Ouzo Distilleries: Arvanitis, Barvayanni, Pitsilladi; Taverna-Pitsaria Mythos, Taverna Mama-Katerina, Taverna Sunset, Restaurant Mperdema, Taverna Ermis, Restaurant 7 Seas, Taverna Fotini's Varvayanni; Cheese products Skyvalakis Eystathios; Oil Producers: Kalampokas family (Eirini Olive Oil of Plomari), Protulis Bros. (Olive oil Aegean Gold), Manolis Andriotelis (Manolis Olive Oil)

Communication Contact Organising Committee NW2011:
Dr. Αntonis Andriotis
E-mail: andriot@iesl.forth.gr

Further Information:
NW-2008 http://www.cecam.org/workshop-1-189.html
NW-2009 http://www.cecam.org/workshop-0-319.html

Benjamin Lesvios: