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The Visual Arts Group of FORTH Presents the Lecture "ArtScience" of Michela Pelusio

Heraklion (September, 15 2011) - For the closing event of their second exhibition "Present - Human - Future" the Visual Arts Group of FORTH presents Michela Pelusio with her lecture "ArtScience" this Saturday, 17th of September 2011 at 8pm at the Vitturi Bastion in Heraklion.

The members of the Visual Arts Group of FORTH, working in different research institutes of FORTH, located in Heraklion and Rethymnon, try to build a bridge between their strong professional engagement in research and their artistic activities and explorations. For the closing event of their second exhibition, which features photography and painting of the group' s members, the artist Michela Pelusio will give a lecture titled "ArtScience", which further enhances the efforts of the Visual Arts group of FORTH.

Her lecture will be strongly focused on the relation between art and science. She goes back to as far as Pythagoras, whose work was based on musical theory and. She then continues to the past century, in which Xenakis and LeCorbusier used mathematical models to develop music and architecture. The recent advances in science such as nanotechnology and the philosophical implications of Quantum mechanics may spur new artistic methods and visions. Furthermore, for science art plays an important role in allowing people to understand new scientific discoveries; Art can visualize bizarre appearing scientific models and theories. In addition, scientific developments and discoveries promise new artistic expressions and experiences. In her lecture Michela Pelusio will also discuss her own work, which is based on interfacing with light, the cosmos and other natural phenomena.

Michela Pelusio is an Italian artist who has created and exhibited installations and performances across Europe, Asia and America. She was born in Viareggio, Italy and studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art of Carrara, Italy, and got a Master of Music degree from the ArtScience department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatory Den Haag, Netherlands. Before coming to Crete she was a teacher at the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Netherlands teaching courses in Synestethics and Genius loci. Furthermore, she organized several international research groups and workshops with her students at the Biennale of Carrara, Italy, and the Dutch NIKI Institute in Florence, Italy, as well as at the Lorentz Center in Leiden, Netherlands. She creates immersive experiences utilizing natural phenomena such as space, light, matter and sound, thus producing sensations of being present in an environment that is magic and non-recordable.

The lecture will be held in English and the entrance is free of charge.

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