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EuroRec EHR Quality Seal Level 2 granted to EHR system developed by FORTH

Nursing and Medical Applications (under the product name ICS-M), which are part of the software suite "Integrated Care Solutions" developed by the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), have been certified with the Seal of Quality Electronic Health Record (EHR) Level 2 (EuroRec EHR Quality Seal Level 2) by the European Institute for Health Records EuroRec (

The Institute of Computer Science of FORTH is well known in conducting basic and applied research, developing applications and products, providing services, and playing a leading role in Greece and internationally, in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Through its involvement in the healthcare domain it has developed specialized eHealth applications and services, which initially operated in the region of Crete as pilot, and since 1998 have been deployed and are operating in many healthcare organisations throughout Greece.

The EUROREC Institute (EuroRec) is an independent not-for-profit organisation, promoting in Europe the use of high quality Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs). One of its main missions is to support, as the European certification body, EHRs quality labeling and defining functional and other criteria for EHRs. EuroRec is organized as a permanent network of National ProRec centres and provides services to industry (the developers and vendors), healthcare providers (the buyers), policy makers and patients.

Level 2 of the EuroRec EHR Quality Seal encompasses 50 functional quality criteria, addressing various essential functions of the EHR: access and security management of the systems, basic functional requirements on medication, and clinical data management focusing on trustworthiness of the clinical data already included in the Level 1 Seal.

Nursing and Medical Applications of FORTH (ICS-M) are the first and only EHR applications in Greece bearing quality certification by a European organisation. They have been installed and are operating in more than 20 healthcare organisations in Greece, and most of them are part of Integrated Regional Health Information Systems, like the ones of the 1st Healthcare Region of Attica, the 2nd Healthcare Region of Piraeus and Aegean, and the 6th Healthcare Region of Peloponnesus, Ionian, Epirus & West Greece.

The continuous effort of improving the quality of our work has led FORTH-ICS in certifying our research activities alongside with products and services provided, according to the requirements set by ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard.

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