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Measuring time through the celestial clock

Within the framework of FORTH’s 40th anniversary celebrations, the Institute of Astrophysics and the Crete University Press of FORTH organized an event entitled "Measuring time through the celestial clock"

The event took place on Friday, December 15, at the Vikelaia Municipal Library of Heraklion under the auspices of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.).

The event focused on the concept of time in various phases of human history and, more specifically, on the way it was approached from time to time by the human spirit, analyzing specific examples, such as sundials and the Antikythera Mechanism.

Also, a sundial was placed by Mr. Galanakis in the courtyard of the main building of FORTH. The unveiling of the sundial took place on the same day, in the presence of the President of the Board of Directors of FORTH, Prof. Nektarios Tavernarakis, and the Director of the Institute of Astrophysics, Prof. Vassilis Charmandaris.