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25.04.2024 - 25.04.2024

European Research Council (ERC) Events

PRAXI Network, National Contact Point of the European framework program for research and innovation Horizon Europe, and the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA), is organizing an event for ERC Grantees and Potential ERC Candidates on April 25-26, 2024 at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute in Athens, with the support of the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI) and the Hellenic Pasteur Institute.

25th of April

Open event for Potential ERC Candidates aiming to provide information about

  • ERC announcements
  • evaluation of proposals
  • the “Always Strive for Excellence-Theodore Papazoglou” Funding Programme

25th of April

Workshop only for ERC Grantees (Principal Investigators-PIs) about

  • rights & obligations of ERC Beneficiaries
  • issues related to project activities

25th & 26th of April

Workshop only for ERC grants Host Institutions-His about

  • rights & obligations of Host Institutions
  • case studies
  • best practices

The workshops are not open to the public.

Information & registrations here

For more information:

PRAXI Network- National Contact Point for the European Research Council

Dr. Dalampira Evropi-Sofia :

Dr. Cheimonidi Maria-Christina: