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Greek Technology & Science Initiatives (GTSI)

Dear Friends,

The afore mentioned study was submitted on 15-6-07 to the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), on behalf of the Conference of R.C.Chairmen, by Professor Kiparissides. This study is a product of the collective work of tens of distinguished scientists (researchers and professors) from all the Research Centres which are supervised by the GSRT.

The pdf file of the complete study can be found on the website of FORTH ( It is also available through the websites of the other Research Centres as well. We aim at the widest publicity possible.

The opinion of the Conference of Chairmen is that the GTSI study constitutes an excellent base for National R&D Policy planning. The CCRC plans to organize an open conference at the end of September, which will offer to the organizations involved (GSRT, R.C., UNIVERSITIES, TECHNICAL UNIVERSITIES, ENTERPRISES, etc) the opportunity for a public discussion.

I would like personally to thank all the scientists involved in this remarkable effort. I hope that their labour will bring the desired results.

With Friendly Greetings,

Alkiviades C. Payatakes
Chairman of FORTH