One research assistant position in IQubits project

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One research assistant position in IQubits project

Position Description

Design of qubit device fabrication flow and quality inspection of fabricated qubit devices.

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Related Project

IQUBITS - Integrated Qubits towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies

Required Qualifications

  • Bsc degree of Technical University 
  • Experience in semiconductor process flow simulations for devices and circuits 
  • Experience in the design of photolithography masks 
  • Experience in ISO 9001:2015 quality system doe semiconductors
  • Proven knowledge of English 

Application Procedure

Interested candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements are kindly asked to submit their applications to the address (, with cc to Dr G. Konstantinidis (


In order to be considered, the application must include:

  • Application Form (Form Greek or Form English to the left)
  • Brief CV
  • Scanned copies of academic titles

Appointment Duration

3 months


Ημερομηνία Ανάρτησης: 21.09.2022
Καταληκτική Ημερομηνία: 01.10.2022
Ινστιτούτο: Ινστιτούτο Ηλεκτρονικής Δομής & Λέϊζερ