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Three proposals of FORTH were shortlisted in the 2nd round of the “Greece Innovates” Applied Research and Innovation Competition

Apr 03, 2013

Three proposals of FORTH were shortlisted in the 2nd round of the "Greece Innovates" Applied Research and Innovation Competition, which is jointly sponsored by SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterpises and Eurobank member of NBG Group.

Out of the 242 proposals submitted in the 2nd Competition, 20 were shortlisted.The assessed proposals pertain both to applied research and innovation products and services which are ready for the production line, contribute to improving everyday life and from a business standpoint, promote and strengthen the extroversion of the Greek economy. They cover sectors such as IT, mobile telephony, energy, medical technology, environment, biology, food, microelectronics and others.

The shortlisted proposals of FORTH – Hellas are the following:

  • (6193 – RESEARCH) “A photonic sensor for monitoring shear stress between human skin and artificial surfaces of limbs and wheelchairs”, FORTH-IESL, represented by Dr Stavros Pissadakis
  • (4656 – RESEARCH) “LMNT II portable laser device for rapid and direct identification of chemical elements in solid materials”, Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, FORTH, represented by Dr Panagiotis Siozos
  • (4038 - INNOVATION) "Easy-to-use system for genetic analysis based on mobile phone technology, also aimed at developing countries", Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), represented by Dr Electra Gizeli Group Leader and Associate Professor of the Department of Biology of the University of Crete.

The 2nd "Greece Innovates!" Applied Research and Innovation Competition will be completed with the oral assessment in June 2013, which is open-to-the public (25% of the final grade). The awards ceremony will take place in Athens in July 2013, and will be attended by members of the Greek academic, research and business community.

Stay tuned for more news and all the latest updates on the 2nd “Greece Innovates!” Applied Research and Innovation Competition.


Dr Stavros Pissadakis:
Dr Panagiotis Siozos:
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